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Product Description

Fusso Light Coat 12 Months Wax is a Japanese synthetic paint sealant, which creates a legendary protective hydrophobic coat on the car’s body.

The product creates a hydrophobic coat, lasting for up to 12 months and keeping the car’s paint in good condition. Fluorine polymer, which has a sufficient anti-fouling ability effectively protects the surface from rain, dirt, gases, acid rain and other unwanted residues. Its thick hard coating repels water strongly, as water smoothly runs down off the car’s surface. Besides that, Fusso Coat 12 Months Wax creates a clear, high gloss that will superbly accentuate your car’s paint colour.

Specifically designed for light coloured cars.


Remove any dirt on the car bodywork with car shampoo
Apply small amount of Fusso with the sponge included and spread it as even as possible in circular motion
Allow it to dry for at least 10-15minutes (weather conditions apply)
Use a car detailing grade microfibre to wipe of residue, flip towel if necessary in between process.
Allow 24 hours between applying Fusso and washing car.

200g tin, complete with applicator


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