Protection Detail

Protection Detail

The introduction to a more comprehensive detail. A great package to improve vehicle appearance overall without paint correction. Protection to exterior surfaces will greatly improve gloss and exhibit fantastic water repellency.

What’s included

  • Pressure rinse body, wheels and wheel arches to blast and flush loose dirt away before treatment.
  • Wheels and arches cleaned with a selection of cleaners, safe brushes and mitts.
  • Door shuts, gaps and fuel filler area cleansed with soft detailing brushes.
  • Citrus Pre Wash and/or PH neutral snow foam applied then pressure rinsed. 
  • Safe hand wash using the 2 bucket method and PH neutral shampoo.
  • 4 stage decontamination process to remove bonded impurities and leave the surfaces ready to accept a coating of protection then rinsed thoroughly. 
  • Paintwork receives a light machine polish to enhance appearance.
  • Paintwork sealed/waxed.
  •  Rain repellent glass sealant applied to all exterior glass. 
  • Wheels sealed.
  • Inner arches dressed and protected. 
  • Exterior plastics dressed and protected.
  • Glass and mirrors cleaned throughout.
  • Tyres dressed.
  • Any chrome surfaces polished and protected. 
  • Interior surfaces dusted, cleansed and dressed. 
  • Interior mats thoroughly brushed and vacuumed, then steam cleaned to remove any soiling and restore their appearance.
  • Carpets vacuumed throughout.
  • Final wipe down to enhance gloss and protection ready for handover.

PRICE £229 – £259


Optional Add Ons

  • Full Interior Service - interior deep clean involving steam cleaning and dedicated biological cleaners
    From £60*
  • Engine Bay Detail - thoroughly cleaned using safe practices and protected to leave it looking factory fresh
    From £30*
  • Leather Clean & Protection - safe cleaners and leather brushes used to deep clean your upholstery with varying levels of protection available
    From £50 (depending on protection chosen)
  • Convertible Roof Clean & Protection - Cleaning to remove ingrained dirt & staining before a proofer is applied to protect it's colour & water repellency
  • Carbon Collective Glass Coating - increased visibility in wet weather, water will roll off the windscreen from 35 MPH upwards. Durability of up to 12 months.
  • Carbon Collective Platinum Wheels Ceramic Coating - Heat resistant, durable and hydrophobic coating for all wheel finishes
    £80 (wheels on) £140 (wheels off service includes inner arch deep clean and protection)

*Excessive staining, ingrained dirt, bad odour removal or pet hair maybe charged a supplement. Please advise before booking so additional time can be allowed to complete works to standard.

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