Correction Detail

Correction Detail

A thorough cleanse of your vehicle using the right products and techniques to ensure no bad contact is made. By reducing that contact the finish of your vehicle’s paintwork is preserved, looking it’s best for longer.

What’s Included?

Price – On Appraisal

Optional Add Ons

  • Quick Detailer/Spray Wax - gloss & protection for up to 6 weeks
  • Basic Interior Service - dusted, light cleanse & vacuumed throughout
  • Full Interior Service - interior deep clean involving steam cleaning and dedicated biological cleaners
    From £60*
  • Engine Bay Detail - thoroughly cleaned using safe practices and protected to leave it looking factory fresh
    From £30*
  • Leather Clean & Protection - safe cleaners and leather brushes used to deep clean your upholstery with varying levels of protection available
    From £50 (depending on protection chosen)
  • Convertible Roof Clean & Protection - Cleaning to remove ingrained dirt & staining before a proofer is applied to protect it's colour & water repellency

*Excessive staining, ingrained dirt, bad odour removal or pet hair maybe charged a supplement. Please advise before booking so additional time can be allowed to complete works to standard.

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