CLARITY Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner


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Product Description

Add a protective coating whilst cleaning, helping to prevent water and dirt from sticking.

CLARITY will clean and protect your exterior glass and mirrors in one application.

Not only is CLARITY a powerful cleaner, it will also leave behind an invisible coating which is designed to make the surface hydrophobic, which means “water hating.”

Normally water wants to spread out and cling to the surface which helps dirt to stick.

But after using CLARITY you will see that rain – or any water that comes into contact with the glass – will bead up and roll off of the surface when the car is driven.

Not only does this help to keep your glass cleaner for longer, it can also help to improve visibility when driving in the rain.

After applying to your windscreen, a top tip is to also clean your wiper blades using a wet microfibre cloth.



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