``You wash that anymore you'll wash the paint off it!``

I like cars, proper petrol head. I like cleaning cars too, even from the age of 11 years old when I had a round on my parent’s estate washing cars for the neighbours at £2 a shot so I could save up for the latest car game for my PlayStation. As I got older and started driving, cleaning them was all part of the ownership experience. I was obsessed with making sure my car always looked like I’d just driven them off the forecourt, fanatical over the very smallest of things. I loved looking back at it with a huge sense of pride and satisfaction, it almost became religion to get up early on a Sunday morning, get my wash kit out and clean the car.

Over time my skills improved and soon I had friends and family members’ cars to look after, in particular a 2008 Renault Megane Convertible belonging to my Mother that was due to be returned on a lease agreement. The company that came to collect the car asked the last time it was driven and said it was the cleanest car they’d ever picked up. I knew back then that this was a passion that would stay with me, and sure enough, 10 years later I decided to turn what I loved to do into my profession – JMD Detailing.

I’m a mobile and studio based professional covering primarily Northumberland, Newcastle and the North East of England but I’m happy to detail anywhere offering a wide range of services. From a paintwork safe wash to intensive multi step detailing packages and ceramic coatings, the latest in protection technology for almost every surface of your car. Your vehicle is fully insured whilst with me for the ultimate in peace of mind, and cared for as if it were my own. I serve to offer a tailored, personal service and won’t settle for anything other than the very best I can deliver.

Matt Godfrey

Detailer & Petrolhead